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bethBeth Nicholson is an occupational therapist and also a certified hand specialist who treats patients in the clinic. “Each patient is viewed holistically with appreciation for nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that contribute to etiology and healing.

My experience includes in-depth evaluation and treatment of all forms of upper extremity dysfunction including tendon and nerve repairs, fractures, joint injuries, soft tissue and crush injuries, cumulative trauma such as carpal tunnel and other nerve compressions, tendonitis, strains and sprains, and arthritis. I offer custom splint fabrication and fitting of prefabricated orthotics, depending on the needs of each patient. In surgical cases, I am accustomed to pre-operative visits for patient education regarding post-operative care, and immediate or early intervention post-operatively for wound care, to protect repaired tissues and to gently maintain health and mobility of non-involved structures. I also have extensive background in all aspects of work related injuries including communication with insurance carriers, employers, and case managers, prevention practices, return to work assessment, and impairment ratings.“

Pilates South

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Pilates South is a fully equipped studio located within Birmingham Physical Therapy’s office, offering private and semi-private (two person) sessions on the cadillac, reformer, and chairs designed by Joseph Pilates. Exercises are designed to improve posture, balance functional movement patterns, stimulate core stability muscles, increase strength, flexibility and coordination, focus the mind, and elongate the spine and enhance breath so that you are better able to perform daily life tasks with comfort and ease.

Carolyn Ratliff has been teaching for 16 years. Private one hour sessions are $65 or you may purchase 5 private sessions for $300. One semi-private session is $45 and five semi-private sessions are $200. 24-hour cancellation notice required.


Lauren Nicholson
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Lauren is a Postural Alignment Specialist certified by Egosque University. She aims to help you correct postural imbalances to lead a pain free life without limitations.  She sees clients upstairs in the clinic.


Robin Zimmerman

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Robin Zimmerman is a licensed massage therapist who has an office in Homewood at 1700 Valley Avenure and also comes into our office on Tuesdays. Call her for an appointment today!