What Our Clients Say

Birmingham PT has been the best “healing” experience I have ever had! Therapists and staff are the absolute best. Thank you!

Donna G

I have had FAR more success with PT than ANYTHING else for years! Julie is precious and an absolute God-send. I probably shouldn’t say (but I’m going to anyway) that I trust her more than any of the rest of my healthcare providers at this point. I am grateful for the help! The worst part of PT is not having an indefinite amount of money to come weekly for a year!


Shaunta is professional, informative, and has excellent manipulation technique. The experience was wonderful, very therapeutic, and healing. Thank you.


I could not have made it through my knee surgery without Kristen and the others at BPT! My healing was pushed along because of them!

Kathryn D.

Shaunta was wonderful… so experienced, so kind, and caring. It was always un talking to her as she expertly made me feel so much better. I came in hurting terribly with torn rotator cuff and am leaving able to move so much better. Thank you all for being so kind and caring. Love you all!

Clara A.

I had a pulled hamstring and bursitis in my left leg. Kristen worked diligently to help me. She tried many different exercises to help me. I am impressed with their entire operation from check in to check out. 

Marilyn T .

Physical therapy is one of those things that everyone dreads after surgery for a sports injury, but the staff at BPT made it easy. They understood my goals for recovery and helped me meet and exceed those goals. After 3 1/2 months of hard work I was gradually resume my 30-plus mile weekly running schedule. It is a blessing to know the staff at BPT, because they teach with gentle encouragement.

Mason C.

Thanks again for getting me all healed up! I had a total knee replacement less than three months ago and went to Ellen five days after surgery. She took one look at my leg and sent me back to the hospital. Turned out that I had a blood clot and post-operative anemia. I was very sick and she very well may have saved my life. I then began a three-day-a-week regimen of therapy sessions with Ellen and Shaunta. They made me do things that hurt but I gradually got better and better. I even began to look forward to going to rehab because everyone there treated me like family. It became somewhat of a social event. Always cheerful, always encouraging, they were great. Fast forward to today. My knee has over 120 degrees flexion and my leg straightens perfectly. I can walk my dog for two miles and have even begun to go to the golf driving range again. It is true that I had to work hard but it was worth it. By the way, I’m 72. An added bonus to my weekly trips to physical therapy is that I have made many new friends.

Dick W.

I have used Ellen and Shauntá for many years which has kept me from having to have knee surgery. Very friendly caring staff I own them a big thank you for all the help I have received from them. The only reason I left their practice was due to the fact that I moved…thanks for all of your love, help, and support from a wonderful group of people. Keep up the good work! .

Holly S.

With PT from you and wonderful crew I was able to avoid rotator cuff surgery, knee replacement surgery and you’ve helped keep a three stenosis spine still walking. Before ANYONE has surgery they need to check with Birmingham Physical Therapy!!

Sondra N.

The staff is very friendly and professional and also very knowledgeable. I really got a lot out of my physical therapy here.

Brian W.